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Marine Coating

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Marine coatings are a type of protective coating used mostly in the marine environment to protect ships, vessels, tankers, and other materials from saline water or fresh water. A marine coating has specific functional properties, therefore it can provide superior protection to the surfaces to which it is applied. This coating protects submerged materials as well as vessels, ships, or yachts from sea water.Marine coatings protect materials from corrosion and abrasion. The world marine coatings market was forecasted

Marine Coating

Marine Coating In Dubai

GLS Trades Explains Marine Coatings In Dubai

In a marine environment, pitting corrosion and bacterial corrosion are most likely to occur. Marine corrosion has a significant impact on sea carriers and their longevity. Every year, billions of dollars are spent to protect against marine corrosion. Therefore, effective corrosion control strategies should be chosen with the appropriate selection of coating for a marine environment. Marine coatings Service In Dubai Marine coatings have special functionality to protect marine vessels and other carriers above and below the waterline. Marine coated surfaces are easily cleanable

Types of Marine Coatings

1 base coats, top coats, and clear coats
2 paints, primers, varnishes, and stains
3 inks, marking materials, and sealers or surface sealants

Like other types of protective coatings, marine coatings differ in terms of performance, properties, and chemistries. Marine paints include epoxy fairing compounds, epoxy primers and sealers, and wood finishing systems.Marine coatings Service In Dubai Anti-fouling coatings are also available.

Specifications Of Marine Coatings In Dubai

Marine coatings Service In Dubai Marine coatings differ in terms of performance parameters and processing specifications. Performance parameters cover conductivity, resistivity, dielectric strength, index of refraction, transmission, and operating or use temperature. Specialty marine coatings for saltwater or freshwater applications may carry additional specifications. With regard to processing, marine coatings are specified according to coverage, dry thickness and wet thickness, cure time and cure temperature, viscosity, volatile organic chemical (VOC) content, specific gravity, and particle size. Pot-life time, an additional parameter for marine coatings, is the time between the mixing stage and the gel stage at which a coating remains usable in the pot at 77o F