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Established in 1995, Sigma Paints is recognized as one of the leading forces in the Decorative, Marine and Protective market segment in the Dubai paints and coatings industry. Maintaining a heritage of commitment to quality and endless innovation, today we are a reference point in paints and are viewed as the favored coating company in the Dubai.Sigma Paints Architectural coatings is one of the leading producers and suppliers of interior paints, exterior paints and high end decorative finishes in the region. We sell decorative, wood care and specialty coatings to professional painters and families.

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Sigma Paints Distributor, Dealer, Supplier In Dubai We have a proficient and holistic business approach. Towards this end, we invest continuously in research and development offering the most innovative coating solutions in the region. We provide complete and comprehensive product ranges, as durability comes not only from the finish applied but from a well formulated, compatible, tried and tested full coating system. We harness corporate intelligence and creativity to generate innovative ideas that contribute in building the efficiency, profitability and success of our customer businesses

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Sigma Paints Floor Paint 3500 is an easy-to-apply, 100% acrylic fortified polyurethane paint with a platinum finish. It’s a premium product that can provide long-lasting, beautiful results for a variety of residential applications. Here are some of the benefits of this paint:

It’s waterproof
It’s breathable
It doesn’t yellow or fade
It has excellent flexibility
It’s moisture resistant
It’s easy to maintain
It resists chipping, cracking and splitting
It has good colour retention
It’s UV resistant