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Protective coatings are a simple way to reduce corrosion, by limiting the exposure of the metal to a corrosive environment. Paint is a very common protective coating, but tar, pitch, bitumen and plastics are also used. An important consideration for protective coatings is to ensure the coating is well adhered to the metal, and that it remains intact or is regularly repaired/recoated. A further form of protective coating is to plate a coat of another metal onto the surface of the metal you wish to protect. One type of this coating is known as galvanising, where zinc is plated onto iron or steel.

protective Coating

protective Coating In Dubai

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In terms of associated coating materials GLS Trades proposes HEMPEL epoxy paints manufactured in Denmark for the steel structure coatings. Hempel is # 1 industrial paint used for oil and gas, and marine transportation industry.protective Coating Service In Dubai For extreme worn out and pitted area of metal structures, GLS Trades proposes US manufactured ARC ceramic epoxy composite polymers for metal rebuild purpose. For emergency and fast lead time coating purpose, GLS Trades proposes Nukote heavy duty polyurea application. Import from USA.

What is protective coating?

Protective coatings are applied to surfaces subject to wear from corrosion or erosion. The coatings may be a variety of materials such as rubber or ceramic as well as spray-on and paint-on coverings.protective Coating Service In Dubai Protective coatings are commonly applied to assets such as metal structures and machinery, concrete slabs, buildings, walls, chutes. Anything that may erode or corrode through contact with weather, chemicals, abrasive materials, temperature and more.protective Coating Service In Dubai The protective coating will reduce wear, extending the life of the asset.

Why is protective coating needed In Dubai?

Metal and concrete assets such as pumps impellers, tanks and silos, plus screens, structures, chutes and more. All benefit from a protective coating to reduce wear and extend useful life.The most common form of wear to metal equipment in the mining and ore processing industry is abrasion. protective Coating Service In DubaiThere are different types of abrasion mostly caused by particles in assets such as excavators, crushers and grinders or chutes and pumps. Heavy loads of materials or particles under pressure can gouge or cut the metal.